Product Designer, UI/UX Designer & Crossmedia Designer. I'm involved in User interfaces and User Experience design since 2012, and currently working as Product Designer at Fintual.

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My work experience

🚀 Lead Product Designer at Xepelin

June 2022 – August 2023

Leading the Design System design definitions, documenting them and watching over the consistency and coherence on the user experience for all the end-user products.

✨ Head of Design UX at Orionx

May 2021 – June 2022 | Chile

Bringing cryptos closer to people by improving the entire experience of the products, creating the Design System and redesigning the brand for a consistent brand experience.

🤝 Ssr. UX Designer at Mercado Libre

November 2019 – May 2021 | Chile

Working on the user interface and user experience for the marketplace platform of motor vehicles for the entire region. Giving focus to Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico performing guerrilla testing, interactive prototypes, A/B testing, and always focusing on mobile-first use.

🦠 Ssr. Product Designer at uBiome

May 2018 – July 2019 | Chile & SFO

Working as a Product Designer in charge of the Clinical Product portals for patients and doctors for uBiome's more essential products. Improving the User Experience and making a more integrated and functional User Interface by creating a new Design System for all clinical and non-clinical platforms on the web, consolidating them as an only brand experience.

🛒 UX & Web Designer at Falabella Retail S.A

January 2017 – May 2018 | Chile

In charge of the Corporate Web and User Experience for (Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Colombia), making improvements on the web, user test, A/B testing, benchmark, heuristic test, among others. As a team, we worked with the DCU methodology in the desktop and mobile. Also, leading the UI and UX redesign of the Falabella app for iOS and Android.

📺 Product Manager & UX at SmartboxTV